MiKTeX Manual

Revision 4.6

Christian Schenk

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Table of Contents

About this Document
I. User Guide
1. Introduction
About this Manual
About MiKTeX
How to Get MiKTeX
Give Back
The MiKTeX Project Page
2. Installing MiKTeX
3. Using MiKTeX
Getting Started
Unique TeX features
Automatic Package Installation
Finding out Package Usages
Specifying Additional Input Directories
Specifying the Directory for Auxiliary Files
texify: The MiKTeX Compiler Driver
Using a Viewer to Print DVI/PDF Files
Using mtprint to Print DVI Files
4. Maintenance
Refreshing the File Name Database
Setting the Preferred Paper Format
Installing Updates
Automatic Package Installation
Integrating Local Additions
5. Advanced Topics
Managing Font Map Files
Changing TEXMF run-time parameters
II. Reference
6. Programs
miktex-bibtex — make a bibliography for LaTeX
miktex-dvicopy — produce modified copy of DVI file
miktex-dvips — convert a DVI file to PostScript
findtexmf — search files in MiKTeX directories
miktex-gftodvi — make proof sheets from generic font files
initexmfMiKTeX configuration utility
miktex-filesystem — watch the file system
miktex-filetypes — manage Windows filetypes
miktex-fndb — manage the MiKTeX file name database
miktex-fontmaps — manage PDF/PostScript font maps
miktex-formats — manage TeX formats
miktex-links — manage links from scripts and formats to executables
miktex-languages — manage LaTeX language definitions
miktex-luatex — an extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded scripting language
miktex-mfMETAFONT, a language for font and logo design
miktex-mpostMetaPost, a system for creating graphics
miktex-packages — manage MiKTeX packages
miktex-repositories — manage MiKTeX package repositories
miktexOne MiKTeX Utility
miktexsetupMiKTeX setup utility
mpmMiKTeX package manager
mthelpMiKTeX help utility
mtprintMiKTeX print utility
miktex-pdftexDVI/PDF output from TeX
setupwizMiKTeX setup wizard
miktex-tex — text formatting and typesetting
texifyMiKTeX compiler driver
miktex-xetex — Unicode-based TeX engine
7. Files
miktex.iniMiKTeX configuration data store
pdftex.cfg — configuration settings for MiKTeX-pdfTeX
8. Environment variables
9. Trace Streams
10. Run-Time Defaults
All MiKTeX Programs
All TeXMF Programs
All TeX Programs