Chapter 6. Programs

Table of Contents

miktex-bibtex — make a bibliography for LaTeX
miktex-dvicopy — produce modified copy of DVI file
miktex-dvips — convert a DVI file to PostScript
findtexmf — search files in MiKTeX directories
miktex-gftodvi — make proof sheets from generic font files
initexmfMiKTeX configuration utility
miktex-luatex — an extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded scripting language
miktex-mfMETAFONT, a language for font and logo design
miktexsetupMiKTeX setup utility
mpmMiKTeX package manager
miktex-mpostMetaPost, a system for creating graphics
mthelpMiKTeX help utility
mtprintMiKTeX print utility
miktex-pdftexDVI/PDF output from TeX
setupwizMiKTeX setup wizard
miktex-tex — text formatting and typesetting
texifyMiKTeX compiler driver
miktex-xetex — Unicode-based TeX engine