texify: The MiKTeX Compiler Driver

texify is a command-line utility that simplifies the creation of DVI (PDF) documents: texify automatically runs LaTeX (pdfLaTeX), MakeIndex and BibTeX as many times as necessary to produce a DVI (PDF) file with sorted indices and all cross-references resolved.

To run texify on an input file foo.tex, do this:

texify foo.tex

As shown in the example above, the input file names to texify must include any extension (.tex, .ltx, ).

There are several command line options you can use to control texify (see texify(1)). Here are some examples:

texify --clean foo.tex

All auxiliary files will be removed, i.e., only the output foo.dvi file will be left in the current folder.

texify --tex-option=--src foo.tex

Passes the option --src to the TeX compiler.

texify --run-viewer foo.tex

Opens the output file foo.dvi (unless there are compile erros).

texify --tex-option=--src --viewer-option="-1 -s\"200 foo.tex\"" --run-viewer foo.tex

Compiles foo.tex with source file information (--src) and then initiates forward DVI search to open foo.dvi at the source special location 200 foo.tex. The previewer option -1 re-uses an existing previewer window.

See the Yap manual, for a complete list of previewer options.