findtexmf — search files in MiKTeX directories


findtexmf [option...] file...


findtexmf can be used to find files in the MiKTeX directories. When the -file-type option is not given, the search path used when looking for a file is inferred from the name given, by looking for a known extension. If no known extension is found, the search path for TeX source files is used.



Pretend to be name when finding files.


Give help and exit.


Use the specified file type (see below).


Print known file types.


Allow installation of a packacke, if a file should exist because it is a part of the package.


Print the search path for the specified file type (see below).


Start the associated program, if the file was found.


Set the name of the engine. Relevant when searching for format files.


Show version information and exit.

File Types

  afm (.afm)
  base (.base)
  bib (.bib)
  bst (.bst)
  cid maps (.cid;.cidmap)
  clua (.dll;.so)
  cweb (.w)
  dvi (.dvi)
  enc (.enc)
  executables (.COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH;.MSC;.RB;.RBW)
  font feature files (.fea)
  fmt (.fmt)
  hbf (.hbf)
  graphic/figure (.eps;.epsi;.png)
  gf (.gf)
  ist (.ist)
  lig files (.lig)
  lua (.lua;.luatex;.luc;.luctex;.texlua;.texluc;.tlu)
  map (.map)
  mem (.mem)
  mf (.mf)
  mfpool (.pool)
  mft (.mft)
  mlbib (.mlbib;.bib)
  mlbst (.bst)
  mp (.mp)
  mppool (.pool)
  ocp (.ocp)
  ofm (.ofm;.tfm)
  opl (.opl)
  opentype fonts (.otf)
  otp (.otp)
  ovf (.ovf)
  ovp (.ovp)
  pk (.pk)
  PostScript header (.pro;.enc)
  subfont definition files (.sfd)
  tcx (.tcx)
  tex (.tex)
  texpool (.pool)
  TeX system documentation (.pdf;.html;.md;.txt;.ps;.dvi)
  tfm (.tfm)
  truetype fonts (.ttf;.ttc)
  type1 fonts (.pfb;.pfa)
  type42 fonts (.t42;.T42)
  vf (.vf)
  web (.web)