Installing Updates

You can use the MiKTeX update wizard to install the latest MiKTeX updates.

To start the wizard, click Start → Programs → MiKTeX 2.9 → Update. The wizard asks you to choose an update source:

Choose to install updates from a remote package repository. Choose Local folder, if you are mirroring a remote package repository on your computer. Chosse MiKTeX CD, if you have a new edition of the MiKTeX CD. Click Next > to continue.

If you have chosen to install packages from a remote package repository, MiKTeX Update Wizard lists the available package repositories. Choose the nearest repository:

Click Next > to continue.

A list of updateable packages is displayed. Choose the packages you wish to update:

Click Next > to start the update process.

MiKTeX Update Wizard now updates the selected packages:

When the update operation is complete, click Next > and then Finish.