Working With the Package Manager

You use MiKTeX Package Manager (MPM) to install and remove packages.

The package manager can be run in two modes: batch and windowed.

MPM runs in batch mode if you specify command-line options such as --install and --update (see mpm(1) for a list of available command-line options).

If you do not specify any command-line options, MPM starts in windowed mode and will see a window similar to this:

Installing Packages

You install packages as follows:

  1. Select all wanted packages in the list view.

  2. Click on + to install the packages.

For example: you want to install the memoir package:

  1. Locate and select the memoir package in the list view, e.g., type the key sequence M E M O I R.

  2. You can now click + to install the package.

Searching Packages

Sometimes you don't know the name of a package, but you know the name of a file that belongs to the wanted package. In this case, enter the file name (can include wildcard characters) in the filter edit box.

For example: you need the file musixflx.lua:

  1. Enter musxflx.lua in the filter edit box.

  2. Click the Filter button.

The list view will be reduced to contain only the musixtex package. Selecting musixtex and pressing + will install the package.