miktex-bibtex — make a bibliography for LaTeX


miktex-bibtex [option...] [auxname]


BibTeX reads the top-level auxiliary (.aux) file that was output during the running of miktex-latex or miktex-tex and creates a bibliography (.bbl) file that will be incorporated into the document on subsequent runs of LaTeX or TeX. The auxname on the command-line must be given without the .aux extension. If you don't give the auxname, the program prompts you for it.

BibTeX looks up, in bibliographic database (.bib) files specified by the \bibliography command, the entries specified by the \cite and \nocite commands in the LaTeX or TeX source file. It formats the information from those entries according to instructions in a bibliography style (.bst) file (specified by the \bibliographystyle command, and it outputs the results to the .bbl file.

The LaTeX reference manual explains what a LaTeX source file must contain to work with BibTeX. Appendix B of the manual describes the format of the .bib files. The BibTeXing document describes extensions and details of this format, and it gives other useful hints for using BibTeX.



Pretend to be program name, i.e., set program (and memory dump) name to name. This may affect the search paths and other values used. Using this option is equivalent to copying the program file to name and invoking name.


Disable automatic installation of packages. Specifying this option overrules settings in the MiKTeX configuration data store.


Disable input (output) from (to) child processes.


Enable automatic installation of packages. Specifying this option overrules settings in the MiKTeX configuration data store.


Enable input (output) from (to) child processes.


Give help and exit.


This option is only available on Windows systems: show the manual page in an HTML Help window and exit when the window is closed.


Add the directory dir to the head of the list of directories to be searched for input files.


Defines the minimum number of crossrefs required for automatic inclusion of the crossref'd entry on the citation list; the default is two.


Suppress all output, except errors.


Record all package usages and write them into file.


Enable trace messages. The tracestreams argument, if specified, is a comma-separated list of trace stream names (Chapter 9, Trace Streams).


Show version information and exit.



Extra paths to locate .bib files.


Extra paths to locate .bst files.


Comma-separated list of trace stream names (see Chapter 9, Trace Streams). If this variable is set, then MiKTeX programs will write trace messages into the configured log sink.

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