Installing Updates

You can use the MiKTeX update wizard to install the latest MiKTeX updates.

To start the wizard, click StartProgramsMiKTeX 2.9Update. The wizard asks you to choose an update source:

Choose to install updates from a remote package repository. Choose Local folder, if you are mirroring a remote package repository on your computer. Chosse MiKTeX CD, if you have a new edition of the MiKTeX CD. Click Next > to continue.

If you have chosen to install packages from a remote package repository, MiKTeX Update Wizard lists the available package repositories. Choose the nearest repository:

Click Next > to continue.

A list of updateable packages is displayed. Choose the packages you wish to update:

Click Next > to start the update process.

MiKTeX Update Wizard now updates the selected packages:

When the update operation is complete, click Next > and then Finish.