Changing TEXMF run-time parameters

You can control a number of run-time parameters (in particular, array sizes) on the command-line or in a configuration file.

Some of the more interesting paramaters:


Total words of memory available, for TeX, METAFONT, and MetaPost. You must remake the format file after changing (see the section called “Managing Memory Dump Files”).


Extra space for large TeX data structures: boxes, glue, breakpoints, et al.


Words of font info available for TeX.

See Chapter 10, Run-Time Defaults, for a complete list of the TEXMF run-time parameters.

Here is a typical example of a configuration file:


The name of the configuration file is that of the engine (e.g., miktex-pdftex) or format (e.g, miktex-pdflatex). You use the --edit-config-file option of initexmf to edit the configuration file, e.g.:

> initexmf --edit-config-file=pdflatex