Working With the Package Manager

You use MiKTeX Package Manager (MPM) to install and remove packages.

The package manager can be run in two modes: batch and windowed.

MPM runs in batch mode if you specify command-line options such as --install and --update (see mpm(1) for a list of available command-line options).

To start the package manager in windowed mode, click StartProgramsMiKTeX 2.9Browse Packages). You will see a window similar to this:

Installing Packages

You install packages as follows:

  1. Select all wanted packages in the list view.

  2. Click on + to install the packages.

For example: you want to install the memoir package:

  1. Locate and select the memoir package in the list view, e.g., type the key sequence M E M O I R.

  2. You can now click + to install the package.

Searching Packages

Sometimes you don't know the name of a package, but you know the name of a file that belongs to the wanted package. In this case, enter the file name information in the file name edit control. Note that the file name information can include wildcard characters (*?).

For example: you need the file musixflx.lua:

  1. Enter musxflx.lua in the file name edit control.

  2. Click the Filter button.

The list view will be reduced to contain only the musixtex package. Selecting musixtex and pressing + will install the package.