Installing a complete MiKTeX system

In order to install a complete MiKTeX system, you need the MiKTeX Net Installer. You can get it from the download page.

Task #1: Download the complete MiKTeX distribution

Before you can actually install MiKTeX you have have to download the MiKTeX distribution.

You can use MiKTeX Net Installer to download MiKTeX.

Alternatively, you can use a third-party download utility (e.g. wget) to download the contents of the CTAN directory systems/win32/miktex/tm/packages/.

Depending on your Internet connection, the download can take several hours to complete. If something goes wrong, you can resume the download operation by starting again.

Task #2: Install MiKTeX

Once the download operation is complete, you are ready to install MiKTeX: start MiKTeX Net Installer and choose Install MiKTeX as the primary setup task.

When asked for the package set, choose Complete MiKTeX.

When asked for the directory from where MiKTeX shall be installed, click the Browse button and specify the location of the MiKTeX package repository (see previous section).