About MiKTeX

MiKTeX (pronounced mik-tech) is an up-to-date implementation of TeX and related programs for Windows (all current variants). TeX is a typesetting system invented by D. E. Knuth.

MiKTeX's main features include:

  • easy to install

  • integrated package management: missing packages can be installed automatically (on-the-fly) during run-time

  • network friendly: MiKTeX can be run directly from a shared and read-only network directory

  • complete: the MiKTeX distribution contains almost all packages that are freely redistributable.

  • enhanced TeX compiler capabilities

  • enhanced previewer capabilities: forward/inverse DVI search, graphics, color, magnifying glass, 

  • open source: MiKTeX source code is get-at-able for everyone

The MiKTeX distribution consists of the following components:

TeX, METAFONT, TeXware, METAFONTware, Computer Modern Fonts

the base TeX system

pdfTeX, XeTeX, luaTeX, Omega

various TeX derivatives


a METAFONT derivative for the creation of PostScript figures


converts TeX output into PDF documents

macro packages

almost all free TeX macro packages


almost all free fonts


a sophisticated viewer for TeX output


a TeX compiler driver

MiKTeX Options

assists in configuring MiKTeX

MiKTeX Update Wizard

assists in keeping the MiKTeX system up-to-date

lots of utilities

tools for the creation of bibliographies & indexes, PostScript utilities, and more