Installing a basic MiKTeX system

Get the “Basic MiKTeX Installer” (basic-miktex-2.9.xxxx.exe) from the download page and run it.

First you will presented with the MiKTeX copying conditions (Figure 2.1, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: License”).

Figure 2.1. Basic MiKTeX Installer: License

Basic MiKTeX Installer: License

Read the text carefully. Click I accept the MiKTeX copying conditions, if you agree.

You have the option to create a shared MiKTeX installation (Figure 2.2, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: Shared vs. private installation”). Use this option if you are the administrator of your computer and if you want to install MiKTeX for all users. This option is not available if you are logged into a limited user account.

Figure 2.2. Basic MiKTeX Installer: Shared vs. private installation

Basic MiKTeX Installer: Shared vs. private installation

Click Anyone who uses this computer (all users) if you want to install MiKTeX for all users. Click Only for , if nobody else shall be able to use MiKTeX.

MiKTeX will be installed in a standard installation directory (Figure 2.3, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: Installation directory”).

Figure 2.3. Basic MiKTeX Installer: Installation directory

Basic MiKTeX Installer: Installation directory

Click the Browse... button, if you want to specify another directory location.

The wizard allows you to set the prefered paper size (Figure 2.4, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: Settings”).

Figure 2.4. Basic MiKTeX Installer: Settings

Basic MiKTeX Installer: Settings

You also have the option to change the default behaviour of the integrated package manager for the case where a required package is missing. Select Ask me first, if the package manager shall ask for permission. Select Always, if the package manager is always allowed to install missing packages. Select Never, if you disallow the installation of missing packages.All these preferences can be changed later with the help of MiKTeX Options.

Before the actual installation process begins, you get a chance to review your decisions (Figure 2.5, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: Review”).

Figure 2.5. Basic MiKTeX Installer: Review

Basic MiKTeX Installer: Review

If you are satisfied with the settings, click the Start button to start the installation. This will take a few minutes (Figure 2.6, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: Installation progress”).

Figure 2.6. Basic MiKTeX Installer: Installation progress

Basic MiKTeX Installer: Installation progress

When the installation has finished, you can click the Next to open the last wizard page (Figure 2.7, “Basic MiKTeX Installer: Finish”).

Figure 2.7. Basic MiKTeX Installer: Finish

Basic MiKTeX Installer: Finish

MiKTeX is now installed and you can begin using it. Click Close, to dismiss the setup wizard.